Bathing a Cat. Do I Really Need To?

Cats are fastidious at grooming themselves. Aside from sleeping, a cat spends a good chunk of its day licking its fur clean. But sometimes they get dirty or disgusting stuff on their coats that they can’t remove on their own. They can also get fleas or some kind of skin condition. These would be good times to bath them.

Cats naturally hate water. That’s why some will fight tooth and nail (pun intended) to get out of a wet situation. To make bathing more manageable, trim the claws first. Use warm water. If the cat is getting too rowdy, hold them by the skin of the nape. Remember: it’s more about bathing and soaking, less about showering. Never use human shampoo, use only ones made especially for cats. Start with the body and limbs, keep its face dry. When done, towel the cat dry.

Bathing your cat only once a month. Most importantly, follow your vet’s advice.