Bicycling Safety Gear

With most road vehicles, the cabin space protects the driver and occupants from the weather and in a crash event. But with bicycles, the rider is out in the open, exposed to the harsh elements and with hardly any built-in protection. That’s why cyclists must wear protective gear. Here’s a shortlist of safety gear almost all cyclists would need.

  1. Cycling Helmet – although bicycling-related injuries mostly involve damage to the superficial soft tissues (like skin abrasions) or the musculoskeletal system (like a sprained ankle), the majority of the fatalities and long-term disabilities are from head injuries. According to studies, cycling helmets reduce the risk of serious head injury to as much as 70%.
  2. Hi-Viz – According to the NHTSA, 30% of bicycle accidents involve motor vehicle collisions – the highest percentage among all bicycle-related injuries. More than half of those accidents happen in the evening. High-visibility gear – like reflective clothes and lighting accessories – mitigates nighttime accidents.
  3. Protective clothing – Visors not only protect the eyes from the sun’s glare but also improve vision. Cycling uniforms protect against the elements and also against skin abrasions during nasty spills. Bicycling shoes offer foot protection and more efficient pedaling.