Fire Pit Safety

By its very nature, fire is a very destructive natural process. But man has been able to use it for both practical and aesthetic ends. Like how sitting around a fire pit on a cool night is very nice and calming.

Here are a few quick tips to enjoy fire pits safely.

  1. Keep the fire at least 10 feet away from any combustible materials like wooden structures, trees, scattered leaves, and the likes.
  2. Don’t do a fire pit on a windy night. The wind could blow embers. On that note, before starting a fire, make sure the grounds are clean from dry leaves and other materials that could accidentally spread the fire.
  3. Keep the fire small and manageable, something you can easily put out with a small bucket of water. Remember, you want the flames to be relaxing. You are not trying to signal passing planes or ships for rescue.
  4. Use only natural dry wood as fuel. Avoid burning treated wood like MDF and pressure laminates as these give off toxic fumes. And don’t burn trash, it’s a campfire, not skid row. Burning garbage is polluting and illegal.
  5. Put out a fire pit when you’re done for the night. Never leave a fire unattended. The best way to put out a fire pit is to spread out the ashes and ember before dousing slowly with water. This ensures every bit gets wet and won’t reignite when you step away.