Key Things New Pet Owners Should Know Before Buying Anything

New pet owners can easily get overwhelmed when trying to purchase everything they need for their pets, but with a few simple rules and suggestions, there is no reason you cannot afford what your pet needs. With that said, here are five key things new pet owners should know before buying anything:

1) Calorie count matters more than cost:  It’s easy to get caught up in the excitement of finding cheap supplies for your pet, but it is important to remember not everything cheap is equal. Cheap items typically have lower quality ingredients which means they will not provide the same benefits or nutrients as higher quality food or treats.  So when choosing an item, be sure to check the calorie count on the label and compare prices per calorie among similar items.

2) Quality of ingredients matters:  Just like human food, the quality and types of ingredients in your pet’s products will affect how they feel and what impact it has on their health. Animal-based proteins will always be better than plant-based proteins, for example. To learn more about the best ingredients to look for, visit our blog here.

3) The cheapest option is not always the best:  As discussed above, just because one item is cheaper than another does not mean it’s a better deal. The cheapest items will typically have low cost because they use lower quality ingredients and less of them, so you would actually need to buy more overtime to get the same results compared to higher quality options that cost a bit more but contain more nutrients and ingredients.  So when checking out your shopping options, remember to check the price per calorie, protein amount, and any other product comparisons that will help you determine the best value.

4) Avoid impulse purchases:  A new puppy or kitten can be very exciting, and it’s easy for pet owners to get carried away with excitement and spend more than they need on things they may not actually need. Pets will settle into their new home very quickly, so there is no need to rush on anything unless you know you absolutely cannot make it without a particular item, such as litter boxes if you don’t already have some. Just take some time to figure out what your pet’s needs are before purchasing anything.

5) Know yard rules:  New pet owners may not realize that you need to leash your dog if they are outside unless you have a fully fenced yard, or at least make sure the fence is properly positioned where your dog cannot fit through. Similarly, new cat owners might not know that indoor-only cats should be provided with plenty of scratching posts and climbing areas as well as other toys to keep them active.

So remember, when shopping for any new pet supplies, follow our simple five tips above, and you won’t ever go wrong!

Pet ownership can be expensive, but it doesn’t have to break the bank. With a little planning and research, you’ll save money in the long run by purchasing high-quality items that will provide your pet with all they need for optimum health. To learn more about these five tips or how our experts can help create an affordable marketing plan just ask! Our team is always available to chat on live chat here.