Nintendo Finally Releases The New Switch

After months of speculation and anticipation from excited fans and industry experts, Nintendo has finally released its latest iteration of the venerable Nintendo Switch: the Nintendo Switch OLED.

The verdict is a resounding “Umm, ok I guess?”

Here’s what’s new: the ability to connect to LAN via ethernet cable for faster local speeds, a much-improved back stand, some cosmetic changes on the dock, and a marginally bigger 7-inch OLED screen.

That’s it.

No 4K upscaling technology as predicted by some, no faster internals, and still no recognition from Nintendo regarding the joy-con drifting issue that’s plaguing some of the previous models.

The new Switch is just the old Switch but with a tad better screen.

So, who’s this version 1.3 for?

If you got no Switch yet and are planning to buy one with the intention of gaming exclusively on handheld mode, then the Switch OLED is for you. If you see yourself playing docked most of the time, save yourself $50 and just get the original.

Or if you’re really patient, wait out another year or so for the real next-gen Switch (hopefully).