Pet Boarding Services

What Is Pet Boarding

Whether or not you happen to be a dog lover, you’ll find that there will come a time when you’ll have to leave your furry friend behind for one reason or another. This means potentially leaving them at home alone for a day(s) at a time, which can cause undue stress and weigh on your conscience.

Alternatively, pet owners sometimes opt to pay a good neighbor to play host for their beloved canine – but not everyone can tell the difference between different types of pets – meaning your pet could end up being fed something unsuitable for them! For this reason, some owners prefer home dog boarding as it maintains the peace of mind that comes from knowing exactly what they’re doing whenever you need to leave town.

Pet Boarding Services

The nice thing about a pet sitter stopping by your house or dropping in is that you can try it without changing anything for your pet. Having the comforts of his environment with less stress for an anxious dog is paramount. Another option to consider is having a sitter stop by so your pet gets an extra-long walk, potty break, and water.

When it comes to having your pet looked after your home, make sure you meet a potential candidate first to see whether they’re right for the job. You should walk them through your dog’s routine and show them where everything they need is located. Provide details on how your pet acts when new people arrive at the front door.

Cost For Pet Boarding Services

The cost of pet boarding and grooming can vary based on the type of animal, its age, and stay length. Some facilities may offer extra services such as daycare and training, which cost extra. If you board your pet with a sitter in their own home instead, prices could be lower. For example, some facilities that offer pet boarding do not provide access to food and water for the pets while at the facility – therefore, this would take extreme planning if you want to pay for both services.

When You Should Get Boarding Services

When you get your pet, you’ll get information about what’s involved with getting vaccinations. Typically, most boarding facilities require that pets are 12 to 14 weeks old before being considered for boarding. If you’re in a rush to bring your pet along on vacation or your kitty friend is unexpectedly attached to you, then contact your veterinarian.

Your friend may be able to visit your in-home for an immunization interview instead of taking your furry family member to the boarded facility right away! As for spaying and neutering requirements, when it comes to a time when pets are over six months old, they typically are required by boarding facilities to undergo these procedures before being allowed in them either.