Putting Together The Most Important Camping Accessories

Whether you’re taking a relaxing weekend exploring the woods or escaping the urban zombie invasion in the forest, having the right equipment will make or break your endeavor. Since the needs between a leisurely nature trip and escaping the apocalypse are so different, this list of the most important camping accessories will be anything but authoritative. But it’ll be fun to try.

  1. A Machete – You can use it to build shelter, fishing spears, and animal traps. Some machetes come with flint sticks to help make fire. This large blade can also come in handy in fending off a zombie attack.
  2. A Cellphone – Hear us out: not all people are handy with a machete in a real survival scenario. What you want is a search and rescue which a phone can help get immensely. But if we’re talking about an outdoor weekend getaway, a phone can always be used to look up camping how-tos on YouTube.
  3. Matches or a cheap cigarette lighter – the ability to make fire can help you survive the cold, boil water, cook food, illuminate the night, and send out a distress signal.
  4. Blankets – Mylar or heat sheet blankets help protect from the cold and dampness. Even a cloth blanket can help make a makeshift shelter more cold-protective.
  5. A metal container like a flask – for collecting and boiling water.