The Paradox of Vinyl Records Resurgence

We’ve been seeing a slow but steady resurgence of the anachronistic vinyl records. But the vinyl record seems to hold no advantage over modern music formats.

It’s bulky, limiting you to 8-12 songs for every 12-inch platter. Compare that to the thousands of songs available on tap from streaming applications. Its claimed high audio fidelity is suspect but even if a record is hi-fi, it’ll only be temporary. Records are fragile. They wear out with playing and they can be scratched, warped, and broken.

So why are they popular again?

For some, it’s nostalgia. They remember their youth or their parents’ old record collection.

Some dig the cover art, the hipster vibe they give, or the whole ritual of playing a vinyl record.

Others like owning the analog form of the music they like. Its soulfulness. A certain Je Ne Sais Quoi.