Things I Love About The Outdoors

People have come to have a special appreciation for the outdoors especially after being holed up for so long in quarantine. Here’s a simple list of what’s best about being outdoors.

  1. All That Space – after being confined in our houses for so long, we all badly need a change in scene.
  2. Fresh Air – being in the city has made us sick of pollution. Even “cleaner” indoor air is stuffy or stale. A sea breeze or forest breeze can be extremely refreshing and invigorating.
  3. The Sun – getting some good old Vitamin-D is a welcomed relieve from damp and cold weather.
  4. The Natural Scenery – the sight of greenery, clear waters, blue skies, and majestic mountains can really put your mood on a different plane.
  5. The Fauna – animals doing what they do in their natural habitat are always a wonderful sight.