We Want This Design To Be Standard On All Computer Mice

When the first computer mouse was invented in the 60s, its electronics innards were housed in a small wooden box that’s about as large as a hand. It had wheels on the underside to track movement and it had one small button at the left-hand corner. Unwieldy, yes, but groundbreaking.

The standard modern mouse is ergonomically shaped, wireless, uses laser tracking, and would have three finger input control: left and right buttons, and a center wheel that you can use to scroll up and down long web pages or documents. The scroll button is a revolutionary design on its own.

But if you have a scroll button that can allow you to speedily move in the X-coordinate, why can’t we have a Y-coordinate side-scrolling button? This would allow you to quickly and smoothly move between spreadsheet columns, browser tabs, or active apps. Office productivity will shoot up.

Yes, thumbwheels and side buttons exist on more specialized mouse models but it shouldn’t be such an expensive upgrade to make them standard on the everyday mouse.