What is a Fire Pit?

A fire pit is a small and contained outdoor fire made for cooking, heating, or ornamental use. The simplest fire pit is a hole on the ground large enough to hold some firewood. It can also be a metal bowl or just an open fire surrounded by a ring of rocks or bricks. The idea is that the fire has to be contained for safety.

Humans have probably been making fire pits as soon as they’ve figured out how to make fire. So far, the oldest archaeological evidence of ancient humans using fire pits goes back to 780,000 years ago when they used fire to roast tubers, nuts, and seeds.

Today, a sophisticated and expensive fire pit is usually the central feature of the professionally landscaped outdoor areas of luxury properties. Usually made of cast metal or poured concrete, these types of fire pits use propane or natural gas fires and can cost several thousands of dollars.