Which Camping Tent Is Best For You

A tent will be your home away from home when you’re out camping. There are many types and forms to choose from and hopefully, these suggestions can help you choose what’s best for you.

  1. Ground Tents – probably the most common variety, they come in many designs and capacities. The most common structural types are domed tents. They keep their shape using flexible poles that form the ribs of the walls. They can be cheap and easy to erect but unstable in high wind conditions and uncomfortable on rocky, cold, or wet grounds.
  2. Suspended Tents – these specialist types of tents can be hanged between trees. They are great when lying on the ground is a poor option and they can also protect against ground animals. However, you’ll need to have trees of the right size and distance from each other to hand from, the designs as not as varied as ground-type tents, they are trickier to set up, and their trampoline or hammock-like nature is not for everybody.
  3. Roof Top Tents – these are mounted on car roofs or truck beds, turning your vehicle into a camping platform. Being off the ground and on a stable platform, they usually offer the best protection and safety against the elements. Mounting them on the vehicle may take some machining skills but campsite setup is usually easier. The cons would be: camping would be restricted to where your vehicle can get to, the need to climb in and out of your tent – usually via an access ladder – is not for everybody, and these tents can get really expensive.